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Ocena: 4.45

We are with you with a game Bionoids which is similar to legend Worms Game. You can reach the top of excitement and action with your friends in this game which you battle against the little bionoids instead of Worms.

Your object is choosing the best strategy and attack option and beating your enemies. When game loads, if you want to play 1 player click the "NEW GAME" button or if you want to play with your friend click "2 PLAYERS" button. After the settings start the game with "FIGHT" button.

Key combinations for each player:
Move: "W, A,S,D" or "ARROW" keys
Jump: "SPACEBAR" or "UP ARROW" keys
Aim and Shooting: "MOUSE"

Let's give some special information about the game. You can choose your weapon with the button at the bottom of the screen. There are several attacks like rockets, hand bombs, clock bombs and punch. Choose the best attack type according the time and your position. If you want to make powerful attacks, your cursor must be far. You can shop with the coins you earn among the chapters by clicking the "SHOP" button. You can make your shield more powerful or buy weapons. You can control the volume of the game with speaker icon on the left top corner of the screen. Moreover you can go back to the main menu with X button at the top right corner of the screen. Have fun both your friend and you.

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