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We are face to face a Mario legend again. But, this time your fighting style is a bit different from before ones. This time you need to save Princess Peach by fighting normally not shooting or not mashing Bowser and his men.
Press "CONTINUE" and "PLAY" buttons to start the game when the game loads. Your object is beating the brown bugs Goomba, green turtles Koopa and the others. So you can save the Princess Peach to serve your country. Game Control:
Move with: "W-A-S-D"
Punch with: "J"
Kick with: "K"
Special Move: "D+D+K+K"
If it is necessary; we can say about the game: You cannot do the special move every time. You need to find the right time. Additionally, care about the Koopa's. When they start to turning on the floor, you may not escape. So, don't allow them to turning. Beat them. Also care about the energy that shown on the left corner of the screen.
Let's see, can you resist against the Bowser and his friends? Play twoplayergames.org and see. Good Luck.


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