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How about joining the kart races with one of our legendary games Super Mario from the childhood? In this game you will reach the peaks of adventure with your kart. Your aim is, winning all the races in the game. When the game opens, press "PLAY" button. Start the game after choosing your level and pilot. By the way, you don't have to race with Mario only in this game on twoplayergames.org. If you want, you can prefer the other heroes Peach, Wario or Bowser. Use the "ARROW" keys to move, "SPACE" keys to jump and "C" key for shooting.
Let's give a little clue about the game: Try to go on the road during the race as much as possible. If you enter the grass, your vehicle will slow down. This becomes a big advantage for competition. You can collect the bonuses like "MUSHROOM" to earn points. If an opponent goes in front of you, you can center and shoot at him. So your opponent becomes giddy.
Don't forget to follow your speed and your contest ranking during the game with the indicators on the left. With the button "OPTIONS" on the right top corner, you can reach descriptions about the game or you can turn to the main menu. Let's see, who is the best? Hope you have fun.

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