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The hero comes from your childhood Mario is on the tour with his ATV now! We can tell about ATV's for the people who don't know anything about them: ATV is a special vehicle which has four thick wheels and has a simple design that everyone can use it on every road. If you want to join the adventure, go on!
When the game loads, after you start the game with "PLAY GAME" button, choose a stage and a vehicle for yourself. Let's talk about Key Combinations:
Move with: "UP and DOWN ARROW" Keys
Balance with: "RIGHT and LEFT ARROW" Keys
Replay: "R"
Let's Look At the Game: The game has 8 different stages which have bumpy and spaced roads. This bumpies and spaces get harder when you pass the stages. Moreover, collect the star coins during the stages to improve your ATV. When the count of your count is 50 and 100 you can improve your ATV. Let's start if you are ready! Have fun…

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