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Ocena: 4.42

The objective of the game is protecting your castle against to enemy warships. When the game is loaded click "Play" button to reach game menu and re-click "Play" button to proceed weapon store. Buy stones, fire balls, rockets and more until you spend all of your gold with "+" icon below the weapon images. Click "Start Game" button when you are ready to defend. To use any of your attack weapons, aim and fire with your "Mouse" carefully. You can also buy new weapons and bullets when you complete each chapter with your earning golds. Be careful to block enemy forces to come closer to your field. Otherwise they will start shooting at your castle and others around it to destroy them. You can check game time and your score from right top. Also you can use the buttons existed at there to "Pause" the game or "Mute" the sound quickly. Game is completely played by your "Mouse". We hope you have fun.

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