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Ocena: 4.31

After game's been loaded click "New Game" and click "Instructions" appeard in the left bottom of 15 diffirent diffulcty leveled raceroad maps. You must get help from here for analyzing helpful movements in the game. After you clicked on each movement and analyzed their properties and how to do them, you click "Ok" key to turn back to raceroad map. To start first and the easiest raceroad named Bunny Hill, press "Space" key from your keyboard or click flag at the top by your mouse. You can know your skateboard's attributes from the table at the corner. Left mouse click to start game onto your favourite skateboarder. You're not here for only skating. You get more points whenever you make show. Also you you must show yourself to juries at the last of the game beacause of passing current raceroad. When you finish the first raceroad succesfully, if you want to continue the next round you can click "To Map" to choose next raceroad. Don't worry if you don't have enough time so the game is saved onto your computer. Namely you can continue where you stayed before. Yes, let's start the snow show.

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