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Ocena: 4.20

in this game you have two characters you can play as, the first being FX, the green ship. FX moves by following your mouse around, and fires whn you left click. A very simple character recommended for beginners. The second character is Ether, the blue ship. She is moved with the keyboard, either using the arrow keys or wasd. To accomadate multiple set ups, you can press CTRL, Enter, Spacebar or Z to attack with her. Ether's movement is slower than FX's, but her shots are larger and easier to hit enemies with. Here are some sample enemies, shoot them a few times and they die. Enemies will also shoot back at you, get hit five times and you'll die. You can see your lifebars in the two upper corners. After defeating a miniboss or before a major boss, you'll reach a checkpoint. Yf you die, the game will resume from here. Checkpoints will also heal both players to max, even if one of them has been defeated. Yf the game runs slowly, you can press L at any time to lower the visual quality. Yf you need to quit the game, any stages you've reached will be saved and remain unlocked in the stage select menu. That concludes the tutorial, enjoy the game.

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