2 Igralca » Cave Run

Igra se nalaga, prosimo počakajte...

Opis / Kako igrati? (angleščina)

You learned that there is a treasure at the end of the mysterious and dark cave. However, the cave suddenly began to swing at this time and need to run away from the cave. You have to handle with gold on the road anymore.

You can play the game with your friend or alone if you want. Your object is collecting these coins. Continue with the "PLAY" button and choose the number of players. You can control with "MOUSE" on single mode. On the other hand, if you play with your friend 1st player plays with "SPACEBAR" and the 2nd one plays with "ENTER" keys. The more you pres the key, the more you jump.

If you fall into the halls, you die. Ice gets speed you and the rocks gets slow you. Be careful about those points. You can follow your points and the coins you gather with the dashboard at the top of the screen. When you collect the coins you complete the stage and go for a new one. Every chapter is a bit more difficult than previous one. Good Luck