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If you want to play an extraordinary sports game, Bowls is just for you! First, let's give you some knowledge about Bowls: Each player has four (4) balls. Players tries to throw the balls near the target. The target ball has mostly light colors like white or yellow. It is played on astro or grass pitch according to the type of game. It is a kind of marble ball game. The only difference is that you dont try to hit the target but to throw the ball near the target.

After clicking the "CONTINUE" and "START" buttons in order, choose the number of players and start the game. Here are the keys:

Giving direction to the ball: "ARROW KEYS"
Throwing the ball: "SPACE"

Check the "POWER" indicator on the bottom-right corner to adjust the speed. The better you blunder the ball the better your shoot is. With this unusual sports game, you will relax and have a great time. If you have an opponent play the game and have fun!